Management Plans

Management Plans

Japanese Knotweed Management Plans

A Management Plan is a document with a schedule of the actions that will be undertaken to resolve your Japanese Knotweed problem. A tentative management plan is outlined in the survey report that gives the client an opportunity to decide if proposed options are well suited for their particular needs. Once the program to treat Japanese Knotweed is approved and paid, a Management Plan will be issued and forwarded to the client. The document is an official confirmation of the agreement between the client and us to carry out a course of treatment/monitoring.

Concerns & Requirements when you buy or sell the property

Japanese Knotweed can be a serious issue when you purchase or sell a property. The plant can cause concerns due to its powerful underground rhizome system that may potentially damage the foundations, walls and drainage systems. Within the seller’s pack, a TA6 Law Society Information Form, designed by the Law Society should be completed by the seller that may be relied upon for the conveyancing process. Section 7.8 of the TA6 form requests you to answer the following questions:

  • Is the property affected by Japanese Knotweed?
  • If Yes, please state whether there is a Japanese knotweed management and treatment plan in place and supply a copy with any insurance cover linked to the plan.

This actually means, if the property is affected by Japanese Knotweed and a management plan on its eradication/control covered by insurance is not provided by a reputable contractor the mortgage application of a potential buyer may be rejected.

Japanese Knotweed Plus has helped to successfully sell properties across the North West of England. 

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Our Japanese Knotweed management plan & control work report

We will produce a high-quality, print-ready PDF-version of the document that will satisfy your solicitor and buyer’s mortgage lender. The document supplements a survey report, with emphasis on the work schedule. It includes planned work, describing the processes that should be completed during a specified period. Any associated risks to the client, neighbours, pets, neighbouring plants and the environment will be outlined in the document and discussed with the client. It will also feature a description of the work completed.

After each stage of the treatment/monitoring course, the document will be amended and sent to the client. Photographs showing evidence of the work that has been done at each stage will be included where appropriate.

Our management plans are flexible and will be tailored during the treatment/monitoring course. As the growth of Japanese Knotweed is strongly affected by weather conditions, location, exposure to sunlight and other factors, the treatment schedule may be changed for greater effect.

During busy periods of the application of our treatment, we make every effort to deliver an amended management plan to our clients as soon as possible. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide many of our clients with an amended management plan within 30 minutes of visiting their site.

Our management plan is fully transferable if ownership of the property is changed, free of charge. No mortgage application has been refused where a management plan provided by us has been in place.

Our Japanese Knotweed management plan, supported by a FREE 10-year insurance backed guarantee policy will satisfy most mortgage lenders.

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