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Insurance Backed Guarantees

Insurance backed guarantee for Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Plus Ltd carries out eradication work to the highest standards using our highly qualified, fully trained professionals. For extra peace of mind, our clients can be covered on request by a 10-year insurance backed guarantee policy for Japanese Knotweed (10-yr IBG).

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When it starts and what is covered?

The insurance policy will be valid from the date of the completion of treatment and monitoring, specified in the management plan.The insurance  will cover the cost of any ongoing treatments in the event that our company ceases trading and can no longer complete our obligations. Therefore, it is different from a standard guarantee often offered by other Japanese Knotweed companies. Typically, they will not be valid should the company stop trading. Both domestic and commercial clients can be covered. The policy is bonded to the property/site address and will be fully transferable to a new owner.

Who is the Insurer?

ARK Insurance Group Ltd, with over a decade of experience in insurance.

How is it arranged?

Once the client has agreed to employ our company for treatment of Japanese Knotweed a 10-yr IBG policy may be requested. We will make all the necessary arrangements with the insurer and provide the client with the policy within a couple of days FREE of charge (subject to T&Cs). 

How does it work?

In order to make any claim, the client should contact the insurer directly. The insurer will request the relevant paperwork (survey report and management plan) confirming the extent of work that has been carried out to date to assist the claim. An alternative service provider will be found to accomplish planned work.

I would like to thank Stephen and Igor for their prompt reply to my question. I had been told that I had Japanese Knotweed in my garden and rang them in quite a state! I was told to email them a photo of the offending plant and almost immediately I received a reply saying that in fact, it was not J K.

I am so grateful to them for putting my mind at rest so quickly.

A brilliant service.

Jane, Bingley, West Yorkshire

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