General information

Client: local farmer.

Location: Heywood, Manchester.

Area under treatment: approx. 500 sq. metres.

Technique: spraying by herbicide.

Status: in progress.

The client planned to sell the land at some point in the future. He decided to put a management plan for eradication of  the Japanese knotweed in place.

Survey results

A relatively large and dense Japanese knotweed stand was present along the busy road during the survey undertaken in September 2017.

General appearance of the stand from the farmer field is shown in the picture below.

The Knotweed was flowering during the site inspection; individual plants reached three metre high.


Before the treatment, the client was advised to refrain from disturbing the area by any means to succeed our treatment programme. The first treatment was carried out about a week after in September. A herbicide was applied over the knotweed by spraying.

The knotweed was sprayed several times again in 2018 in the period from June to September. As the knotweed stand was dense and well established, some minor regrowth was still evident during the last visit (pictured below).

Additional treatment is scheduled in the June to September 2019. Once no regrowth is observed, we will start the monitoring phase of our programme.