General information

Client: private property owner.

Location: Cheshire.

Area under treatment: approx. 500 sq. metres.

Technique: spraying of herbicide.

Status: in progress.

Eradication of Japanese knotweed was a part of massive program on landscaping in the garden around the listed house that was built in 17th century.

Herbicide treatment of Japanese knotweed on land belonging to a listed building

Survey results

The Japanese knotweed was present in several locations in the garden. Photographs below show the appearance of the areas occupied by the knotweed.

A three-year treatment programme by spraying of herbicide followed by two-year monitoring was offered to solve the problem. Once the contract with us was agreed the 10-year insurance backed guarantee provided by Peacock Insurance Services Limited was arranged.


Prior to the start of our treatment/monitoring course, the client was advised to refrain from disturbing the area by any means as any disturbance may stimulate more intense growth of the plant. The areas with the knotweed were spayed several times for two consecutive  years. In some affected areas, no regrowth occurred. A minor regrowth observed in other areas will be treated during this growing season as scheduled. The next photos show the appearance of the treated areas.