Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost

How much does it cost?

Most people have not even heard of Japanese Knotweed. When they are told by their conveyancing surveyor that the plant is in their garden, they usually get the impression that they will not be able to sell their property. The most common question we get asked when people first contact us is what will the Japanese Knotweed removal cost be.

Most of our clients have discovered they have Japanese Knotweed after a conveyancing survey has been conducted for the sale of their property. This can be quite scary hearing this, naturally knowing that Japanese Knotweed removal cost is quite high up on their agenda. The usual sequence of events that we see, when someone thinks they have Japanese Knotweed or is told they have it, is as follows. They Google ‘Japanese Knotweed’ to find pictures of Japanese Knotweed, or ‘Japanese Knotweed removal cost’ to find out how serious can it be. The internet is somewhere that can cause hysteria, panic and makes things seem much worse than they really are.

If someone suspects they have Japanese Knotweed in their garden or that of a neighbour that could cause a problem with their property. The best thing to do is to ring a specialist in Japanese Knotweed removal. Whilst Japanese Knotweed can be initially a frightening thing to find out about, we are here to reassure you. Through a site survey, we can quickly and simply identify it and produce a plan of action to get rid of it. We will provide the client with a bespoke management plan to eradicate the Knotweed and 10-year insurance backed guarantee that mortgage lenders and conveyancing surveyors require.

Another thing we come across frequently is alarmed customers ringing us saying they have read something in the internet or have been told something. A lot of the time the things they are worrying about are false claims. Please get in touch with ourselves or another specialist to get the facts and also to seek for reassurance. We deal with Japanese Knotweed on a daily basis and have the knowledge and expertise to help.

We have realised that in around 80% of cases when a conveyancing surveyor suspects Japanese Knotweed they are actually wrong! This is not a case of them not knowing what they are talking about, but simply if they suspect it could be. They are best getting an expert involved to verify one way or the other. If it is missed, it could be a costly fix in the future. So, it is important to catch it as soon as possible.

Japanese Knotweed removal cost is something that differs on a case by case basis. It depends on the area covered, the density of the stand, the access to the area, if it requires several parties to be involved and much more. What we can say is that a survey costs starts from £200. The survey will normally be conducted by two our surveyors and a full report is issued to you on the next day. This can be then provided to your conveyancing surveyor. Whilst we appreciate that £200 is still a substantial amount of money, the peace of mind and reassurance that comes with that is worth the spend. If we do not find Japanese Knotweed to be present it has saved you money and time. If we do find it, the cost of the survey will be deducted from any removal work that we do for you.

We provide free advice on any issue related to Japanese Knotweed. If you suspect you have Japanese Knotweed and want to talk through your options, worst and best case scenario, give us a call. We do no charge for advice and our aim is to reassure you and help you be safe in the knowledge that whatever the situation, it can be sorted. Whilst Japanese Knotweed removal cost will be high on your agenda, it might not even get to that stage. We may have been able to decide via a picture sent to us that you do not, in fact, have Japanese Knotweed.

In some circumstances, we may still need to visit your property, this can be the case especially if a conveyancing surveyor has suspected that Japanese Knotweed may be present. This is a stipulation of the mortgage and we will have to visit your property and provide a survey to satisfy their request.
If, after we have carried out a site survey, we have identified that you do in fact have Japanese Knotweed, our survey report will include the following: information about our company, photographs of the Japanese Knotweed, relevant legislation, a plan view of your property and neighbouring area, a RICS chart (identifying the severity and risk factors) and a recommended treatment plan.

As mentioned above, sometimes a mortgage company or conveyancing surveyor will insist on a survey report even if Japanese Knotweed is not identified. In this instance, we will still provide a report that includes all necessary information for the mortgage lender to ensure your mortgage can proceed. Our survey report will be with you normally next day after the survey, thus allowing you proceeding with a property sale as soon as possible.
To summarise whether you have been told you have Japanese Knotweed or think you have Japanese Knotweed, get in touch with Japanese Knotweed Plus. We will provide you with reassurance and offer the best options to deal with Japanese Knotweed in a timely manner.