Testimonials from our happy clients

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the level of service provided, including your knowledge, your advice, your professional manner, your quick response to all enquires.

I would highly recommend your company to friends and family.

It’s seldom today you get the excellent service that Mr Stephen Singleton provides and in such a caring and understanding way.

Highly rated 10 out of 10, even 11.

Thank you, Stephen. You solved all the issues and concerns.

Mary, Worsley, Manchester

I would like to thank Stephen and Igor for their prompt reply to my question. I had been told that I had Japanese Knotweed in my garden and rang them in quite a state! I was told to email them a photo of the offending plant and almost immediately I received a reply saying that in fact, it was not J K.

I am so grateful to them for putting my mind at rest so quickly.

A brilliant service.

Jane, Bingley, West Yorkshire

Japanese knotweed was discovered on our land at the rear of the property when we asked an estate agent to value our house, with the view to putting it on the market. This caused us much concerned about the impact it would have upon the sale of our house and the difficulty prospective buyers may have in securing a mortgage. We rang Japanese knotweed Plus and spoke to Stephen who responded quickly to survey the land. This survey also identified knotweed on the adjacent land on both sides of our property.

Stephen reassured us that a management plan could be put into place to treat the knotweed and satisfy mortgage lenders. He contacted the residents on both sides in a very professional and friendly way to enable the treatment of all of the knotweed, as treating just part of it does little good.

Treatment of the knotweed began in September 2016 resulting in very little remaining this year. He was both very professional and courteous when on site. The sale of our property has now completed due to the management treatment plan put into place which is backed up with a 10-year guarantee.

We would highly recommend Stephen and Japanese Knotweed Plus Ltd to anyone struggling with this invasive weed. We found them to be very knowledgeable and put us at ease providing all the information we need. They were reliable, always on time and kept us informed by phone and e-mailed a copy of the treatment plan including updates after each visit so we knew how well the treatment is going.

Chris, Oldham

My husband and I contacted Stephen at Japanese Knotweed Plus back in the summer to help diagnose the knotweed plants sprouting in our garden as we were coming to sell the property. Not having any experience with knotweed, but obviously having been scared half to death with the horror stories you read if you ever put the dreaded word into Google (don’t do it!!) – we were understandably hugely concerned that the knotweed was going to cause problems in our sale and home, and Stephen quickly soothed our concerns. He gave us sound advice and quickly reassured us that a lot of the horror stories were dramatized and that you absolutely can treat it to ensure that it doesn’t cause problems to your land or property.

Not only did Stephen move heaven and earth to come round to assess the nature of the knotweed ‘invasion’ before we went on a holiday, he also worked over a weekend to complete the assessment our solicitors needed which contained professional and sensible and fair advice for treatment. This was all wrapped up in 2 days. They also did everything they could to find a solution to our unique problem.

Once the treatment was agreed we proceeded again with real speed. Stephen came a day later from having the green light and dealt with a huge acreage of the horrible stuff and for a very reasonable price. The management plan and the insurance came through the day after – what a weight lifted!! There are companies out there who really do charge the earth to deal with this since it is obviously a hot topic in the world of mortgages at the moment (we had done our research)!! So we were again extremely comfortable with what we were charged and how this was calculated.

Stephen and Igor at Japanese Knotweed Plus have been total ambassadors of this helpful organisation and I cannot thank them enough for their speed, professionalism and support taking care of something which could have been so distressing to us.

Not only have they completely satisfied ours and our buyers’ needs, they also ensured that we had a 10-year guarantee for the continued treatment of the works to ensure that everyone was comfortable with the future.

Thanks again guys, wishing you every success in the future.

Emma and Marco, Moston, Manchester

I inherited a house, the estate agent said it would be easy to sell. First buyers loved it had it surveyed and found Japanese Knotweed. That was the start of my nightmare. They couldn’t get a mortgage. Two more buyers and still the same, no bank or building society would entertain it. I was given the phone number of Japanese Knotweed Plus Ltd. They came to see the property and explained everything to me. Reassured me as I was beginning to think I would never sell the house.

They came up with a management plan and as a result, I have finally sold the house. They have been brilliant, really nice guys, never pushy I would definitely recommend this company to everyone. Japanese Knotweed is an awful thing to have people don’t realise how bad it is. I am so glad this company came to my rescue.

Janet, Atherton, Manchester

Thank you so much, Stephen, you are a true gent! I will be recommending your company on local forums for weeks to come! Thanks again.

Julie, Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester

Thank you so much for your expert knowledge, your ability to provide clear and understandable guidance and continued help and assistance whilst ascertaining the identity of my garden plant. I am extremely grateful for your patience and your time whilst helping me with this.

The conversation you had with the man from the council has confirmed the true identity of my plant to be Angelica and the council are in the process of writing to me to confirm this. The man from the council also commented on how understanding, patient and knowledgeable you were.

I would highly recommend your company and service.

Liz, Stretford, Manchester