The most effective methods to permanently kill Japanese knotweed

These include chemical treatment, physical removal, biological control, and a combination of methods

Chemical treatment: Involves applying a glyphosate-based herbicide to the foliage of the plant, which is then absorbed by the roots and kills the entire plant. Its the most effective way to kill Japanese knotweed. And  can take multiple treatments over several years. There are several methods that can be used to kill Japanese knotweed permanently some will be used together,

Different methods
  1. Physical removal: digging up the plant and removing the roots. However, this can be difficult because the roots of the plant can grow to a depth of 3 meters or more, and fragments as small as 0.7g of rhizome can regrow into a new plant.
  2. Biological control: this means introducing a natural predator or disease to control the growth of Japanese knotweed. An example of this is the use of the psyllid Aphalara itadori, a sap-sucking insect that feeds on the leaves of plant, it’s been approved for release in the UK as a biological control agent.
  3. Combination of methods: Combining chemical treatment with physical removal or biological control can be more effective than using a single method alone.
Please note that none of these methods will kill Japanese knotweed permanently.

Once the plant is established. It can take many years to fully eradicate the plant. and may require ongoing treatments to prevent regrowth. Best to use a professional and reputable company for the removal and treatment of Japanese knotweed. Its worth noting DIY treatments or removal can actually spread the plant further.

Property owners are now held responsible for the presence of Japanese knotweed on their land. Regardless of when the plant was first discovered. It means that if you are a property owner and you suspect that invasive plant is present on your land. You must take action to address the problem or risk potential legal and financial consequences.

Change in legislation is a significant step forward in the fight against Japanese knotweed.

The responsibility for controlling and removing the plant is firmly on the shoulders of property owners. It also means that property developers and buyers should be diligent. They must check for the presence of Japanese knotweed before purchasing a property. It can significantly impact the value of the property and the cost of development.

Please note that the eradication of Japanese knotweed is not an easy task.

It requires the use of professional and reputable companies. They will have all the necessary equipment knowledge and experience to safely and effectively remove the plant. And even with the help of professionals, it can take many years to fully eradicate Japanese knotweed. Needing ongoing treatments to prevent regrowth.

In conclusion, Property owners and developers to be aware of this change and take the necessary steps to address the problem To use professional and reputable companies for the removal and treatment of Japanese knotweed.