General information

Client: private property owner.

Location:Reddish, Stockport.

Area under treatment: below 20 sq. metres.

Technique: spraying of herbicide.

Status: completed.

The client planned to sell the property. The mortgage lender required a management plan on eradication of Japanese knotweed put in place by reputable company to sell the property. Once our programme on eradication of the knotweed was agreed with the client the property was sold successfully.

Survey results

The Japanese knotweed was present in front garden of the property within 7-metre radius from the habitable space (the house). Thus, the treatment was formally required. The next photo shows the appearance of the area occupied by the knotweed.

During the survey, we lifted the weed membrane to investigate the problem in more detail. The rhizomes were found beneath the membrane.

A two-year treatment programme by spraying of herbicide followed by two-year monitoring was offered to solve the problem. Prior to the start of our treatment/monitoring course, the client was advised to refrain from disturbing the area by any means as any disturbance may stimulate more intense growth of the plant.


During the first visit in the year 1, we lifted the weed membrane and scattered a fertiliser to stimulate unrestricted growth of the knotweed.

The plant was sprayed later on that growing season when reached the adult stage.

No treatment was applied during the year 2.

No treatment was also required during the year 3.

In accordance with the Code of Practice of the Property Care Association, no regrowth has been observed within two full growing seasons. This allowed for consideration that herbicide treatment has been affective or that the site is clear of Japanese Knotweed. The Certificate of Completion was issued and forwarded to the client.